Green garlic is young garlic which is harvested before the clove has begun to mature. The stalks are completely green, usually about one foot long and the bulb resembles that of a green onion or shallot.

Most grocery stores do not offer green garlic but it can be found at farmers markets in the spring. Green garlic is easy to grow in the home garden and is grown from the smaller cloves of seed garlic.

The flavor of green garlic is still garlicky, but is much milder with less of a pungent bite than mature garlic cloves. When cooked the green garlic sweetens in the same manner as mature garlic, lending a new layer of depth to a dish. Unlike mature bulbs of garlic, green garlics’ entire plant can be used including the leaves. Green garlic can be used raw or cooked in abroad assortment of cuisines.

When buying green garlic, you want to pick out sturdy crisp stalks which do not appear wilted. You should check for mold and mildew on the stalks. Green garlic can be stored in the refrigerator for five to six days but make sure to use it because it does not cure like regular garlic. Green garlic may last longer if stored in a glass of cool water.