Naturally grown gourmet garlic seed and products

With over 30 years in growing gourmet hardneck garlic seed, BJ Garlic is a leading supplier of premium garlic bulbs, garlic seed and gourmet garlic products for sale online.

We are currently sold out of spring planting garlic for the season. Order early for the best selection and size. Our garlic products are available and can be shipped all year.
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Welcome to BJ Gourmet Garlic Farm.

We will have over 21 varieties available for the 2021 season. Please check our website to order seed garlic for this fall. All of our garlic products are available year-round and can also be purchased in gift packages for any holiday.

We specialize in growing all-natural hardneck garlic seed. We take pride in growing garlic and strive to sell only the best chemical-free garlic seed and table garlic available. Our farm is family-owned and operated on 12 acres in Portage County Ohio. Our gourmet garlic is Certified Naturally Grown, chemical-free, and tested by Cornell University to be nematode-free. Using only sustainable farming methods to ensure the highest quality seed and table garlic, we have been growing hardneck garlic for over 30 years. Currently, we are growing twenty varieties of hardneck garlic seed. Thank you for your support of our garlic farm!

Calendar of Events

Medina County Earth Day April 21st
Canton Farmers Market Plain Township Wednesdays May – August
Medina Farmers Market Saturdays May – October
North Union Farmers Market Shaker Square Saturdays May – November
Quarry Hill Orchards and Winery Fall Festival
Medina International Festival August 25th
Cleveland Garlic Festival Shaker Square August 25 & 26
Mulberry Creek Garlic Festival Huron, OH

Garlic Seed Varieties

Our hardneck garlics are:
Music, German White, Romanian Red, Yugoslavian Red, Georgia Crystal, Bogatyr, Metechi, Thai Fire, Chesnok Red, Italian Red, Russian Red, Spanish Roja, Chinese Pink, German Red, German Giant, Aglio Rosso, Korean Red, Siberian Red, Persian Star, Georgian Fire, and Turkish Red.

Every stage of the processing of our garlic from the planting, harvesting, packaging and shipping is done carefully by hand to guarantee its quality. Every process is tended by hand from separating the garlic seed cloves, planting each individual clove, mulching, weeding and cutting the scapes. When it is harvest time, the bulbs are removed by hand, tied in bundles, and hung in the barn to dry and cure. After curing, the bulbs are individually cleaned, trimmed, and sorted by hand. Each order is then personally processed and packaged for shipment.

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Ordering Information

We are now taking orders for the 2021 Season. Our garlic products are available year round and make great gifts.

Three Ways To Order:

For questions about our Garlic, information regarding ordering and shipping or any questions or comments that you might have about our products and website please e-mail us at:

We would love to hear from you.

When will it ship?

  • Spring planting garlic will ship between March 1st – April 3rd
  • Fall garlic will ship between September 1st and October 31st
  • If you ordered products only, we ship those on Tuesdays.
  • If you ordered products with garlic, they will ship bundled with the garlic when it is available at the dates above.  If you would like your products shipped immediately, you will need to place two separate orders.  Please contact us to cancel the combined order

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