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Carried over from Italy into Canada in the 1980s, music garlic has become one of the most popular hardneck garlic for chefs around the world. Each variety of garlic brings its own subtle taste and flavor to you recipes. Music garlic offers a flavor that ranges from spicy when raw to a hot and aromatic, true gourmet garlic flavor when cooked, and is considered to be the choice garlic of garlic lovers. A staple in a chef’s kitchen, It’s the perfect addition to soups, sauces, stir fries, marinades, rubs, dips and other recipes.

Growing Music Garlic Bulbs / Music Garlic Seeds

As a hardneck garlic, music garlic enjoys the cold weather when growing are very hardy garlic that grows well in most of the USA. Typically planted before the first frost of winter, music garlic can grow up to four feet tall, and yield thick bulbs that contain few but giant cloves that come easy to peel and dense with flavor. It is easy to grow although care should be taken when selecting the right garlic varieties to grow in your area. Garlic can be grown indoors in containers, in raised beds, and as a field crop. You can buy music garlic bulbs online right here at BJ Garlic Gourmet Garlic Farm and start growing your own amazing gourmet garlic.

Music Garlic Appearance

Music garlic has a sturdy, long, and vibrant flower stalk, with enormous bulbs wrapped in white, often with a soft pink or purple hue. The bulb wrappers tend to be very thick and parchment-like and tightly cover their few, but large, cloves, usually 4-8 cloves per bulb. Music garlic is a member of the porcelain garlics which are unique in that the scapes they produce in the spring coil in all kinds of ways resembling a bed of snakes. We do sell the scapes as they are harvested but these sell out quickly and are usually presold prior to harvest.


What contributes to music garlic’s fabulous flavor is its allicin content, which provides health benefits such as lower cholesterol, increase of circulation, and boosting the immune system. Its high allicin content also comes as a powerful antioxidant, according to researchers. Garlic may help treat a wide range of illnesses and infections, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and treating coughs and colds.

How to Buy Music Garlic Bulbs

If you’re looking where to buy music garlic – Click Here to buy music garlic bulbs directly from us, call us with your order or see us at one of the local farmers markets – view our schedule. You are buying direct from the grower