Seed Garlic Available Now for Spring Planting

Seed Garlic Available Now for Spring Planting

A Spring delight!! Plant garlic this Spring as soon as the ground can be worked. The garlic will be harvested at the same time as garlic planted last Fall. The bulbs will be smaller in size but will be packed with the same great flavor as Fall planted garlic. Smaller bulbs are wrapped tighter and generally store longer.

For an extra treat harvest spring garlic before the clove divides and the bulb wrappers form. Referred to as green garlic. Use them as you would a green onion for a mild garlic flavor.

Spring seed garlic will be shipped as soon as your order is processed. Some dehydration and sprouting may occur with seed ordered for spring planting. Sprouted cloves make excellent seed when planted in the spring. Plant spring garlic the same as you would fall garlic.

Note: 1lb will yield approximately 45 to 50 cloves.


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