1 pound spanish garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic Seed – Preorder for Fall Planting

Brought to the U.S. before 1900. Good enough to eat raw! Stars with some heat but it fades to a pleasant aftertaste. When roasted it is mild and sweet with little aroma and perfect texture. This has become a favorite for garlic connoisseurs and chiefs. Medium sized bulbs but the plants can produce huge bulbs when cultivated in the garden. Bulbs contain 5 to 6 large easy to peel cloves. Sores 4 to 6 months. This variety is naturally smaller than other varieties.

When will it ship?

  • Fall garlic ordered in January-March, ships September 1 – 7
  • Fall garlic ordered in April-May, ships in September 7 – 14
  • Fall garlic ordered in June-July, ships September 14 – 21
  • Fall garlic ordered in August, ships September 21 – October 1
  • Fall garlic ordered in Sept, ships October 1 – 14


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