metechi garlic seed for sale

Metechi Garlic Seed – Preorder for Fall Planting

Originated in the Republic of Georgia. Metechi, while not producing the largest sizes bulbs, has been described as Great Bulbs of Fire. The heat will knock your socks off. The aftertaste is warm, pleasing and garlicky. The flavor holds up well in cooking. Bulbs are nicely colored with 5 to 7 large purple striped easy peel cloves. Bulbs are long storing.

When will it ship?

  • Fall garlic ordered in January-March, ships September 1 – 7
  • Fall garlic ordered in April-May, ships in September 7 – 14
  • Fall garlic ordered in June-July, ships September 14 – 21
  • Fall garlic ordered in August, ships September 21 – October 1
  • Fall garlic ordered in Sept, ships October 1 – 14


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