siberian red garlic seed for sale

Organic Siberian Red Garlic Seed – Preorder for Fall Planting

Superb for cooking, holding its flavor and offering a distinctive, lingering taste. The bulbs are large with purple striped wrappers and contain 8 to 10 large easy peel cloves.  A bonus of Siberian hardneck garlic is that it contains a whopping high amount of allicin, which is an antimicrobial compound that helps support the body’s cholesterol levels and immune system.

Highly nutritional, Siberian garlic contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese.  Another added benefit is increased circulation through the body.

When will it ship?

  • Fall garlic ordered in January-March, ships September 1 – 7
  • Fall garlic ordered in April-May, ships in September 7 – 14
  • Fall garlic ordered in June-July, ships September 14 – 21
  • Fall garlic ordered in August, ships September 21 – October 1
  • Fall garlic ordered in Sept, ships October 1 – 14


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